Attending this event?
Voila! Our Festival Soft Launch is here. We have launched a preliminary schedule to give you an idea of what is to come. But we want to keep the excitement high as we release and share more special guests and more incredible offerings. From Banff and beyond! 

All Tickets for one person must be purchased with the SAME email.  So outdoor shuttle and add on premium passes must be through the same email.  Otherwise, it will create two accounts for you.

When signing into sched.com, avoid using the sync with facebook. If your facebook email is different it will create a second profile for you with no tickets on the profile.

There is lots of space in classes and lots of space in premium classes too!

 Full classes are worth signing up for the waiting list for. The reality of the weekend is that people change their minds, meet friends, find new teachers they want to follow, etc...
Based on past years, class attendance rate is 75% for classes, so try to show up if there is something you can’t attend.

Why the additional cost?
These classes require additional costs for the presenter, or require us to reserve limited space for your on our outdoor shuttle. When this ticket is purchased, we are holding your place for you.

IMPORTANT: You must have a weekend or day ticket before purchasing premium add on classes or the shuttle. You will not have access to the festival otherwise. To purchase your weekend or day ticket, click on link above.

Happy scheduling & see you in the mountains!!!

Changes & additions will end on April 15th, 2020
All tickets are transferable only.
All tickets are non refundable.